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Classic Fragrance Oils

All of our fragrance oils are 100% concentrated. Candle Usage: 3-10%, Soap Usage: 3-5%, Lotion Usage: 1-3%

A mouth-watering aroma of juicy fresh ripe apricots accompanied by enchanting floral undertones...
Ripe tropical bananas with soft creamy vanilla notes develop into a delicious fruity scent. Tasty and smooth on the senses...
Freshly baked blueberry muffins have never smelt so good! Juicy notes of blueberries accompanied by orange zest, vanilla and almond. Yummy!..
Cannabis Fragrance Oil, 30ml Cannabis Fragrance Oil, 30ml
New -25 %
A somewhat floral aroma with tantalising light spicy notes. An injection of earthy notes - grass, warm musk and cedarwood complete the scent...
2.99€ 3.99€
Treat yourself to this sweet cola scent without any of the nasties. A fizzy cola accord with notes of lime and warm spicy cinnamon...
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