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Spring/Summer Fragrance Oils

All of our fragrance oils are 100% concentrated. Candle Usage: 3-10%, Soap Usage: 3-5%, Lotion Usage: 1-3%

A unique, sweet, warm and floral scent with strong Lavender undertones. The perfect concoction of floral notes provides a tranquil ambience that leaves you feeling as though you're surrounded by nature - in full bloom...
Enjoy a one-way ticket to paradise with our Caribbean Berry & Melon fragrance oil. This juicy aroma is an exotic twist of sweet mangos and succulent strawberries, which is perfect for diffusing in any room...
Fresh Rain Fragrance Oil, 30ml Fresh Rain Fragrance Oil, 30ml
New -25 %
Step outside during the first storm, after a dry spell, and it invariably hits you: the sweet, fresh, powerfully evocative smell of fresh rain. The fresh aroma after a summer downpour is one of life's pleasing scents...
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