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Spring/Summer Fragrance Oils

All of our fragrance oils are 100% concentrated. Candle Usage: 3-10%, Soap Usage: 3-5%, Lotion Usage: 1-3%

A unique, sweet, warm and floral scent with strong Lavender undertones. The perfect concoction of floral notes provides a tranquil ambience that leaves you feeling as though you're surrounded by nature - in full bloom...
Enjoy a one-way ticket to paradise with our Caribbean Berry & Melon fragrance oil. This juicy aroma is an exotic twist of sweet mangos and succulent strawberries, which is perfect for diffusing in any room...
A famous perfume in an alternative form. The fragrance is reminiscent of a warm tropical island, making it perfect for the summer. Floral top notes and earthy base notes ooze sophistication and chic...
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