Profiküünlavaha vormidesse, 5kg

Profiküünlavaha vormidesse, 5kg

Tootja:Sasol Wax, Germany
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A manufacturer blended (with natural palm stearin) premium quality paraffin wax that is specifically formulated for moulding pillar and container candles. It has excellent shrinking properties and good contraction that guarantees smooth de-moulding.

This product is supplied in bead form for ease of use.

DO NOT confuse this wax with cheap paraffin waxes that can be found online. It is manufacturered to the highest standards by one of the industries leading producers resulting in a purer cleaner burning wax that is used by professionals. Stearic acid, sometimes referred to as stearin, is a non-toxic additive that increases the opacity and hardness of candles.

It will also brighten colors in dyed candles. Candles will burn longer and have an improved surface when stearic acid is used. This specially formulated wax is pre-blended with the correct amount of stearin for optimum results.